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Clay & Supplies for Pottery at Home 

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Paint a Mug... At Home

Or try a bowl or bird feeder or maybe order something custom made!

Use underglaze (a special pottery paint that survives a kiln firing) to decorate a wheel thrown item(s) of your choice.  Follow us on Social media for tutorials.

Mugs $40 large $35 medium $30 small

Large Cereal Bowls round or heart shaped $35

Tall twisted or straight tumblers $30

Bird Feeders $60

Apprentice made small cups and bowls  $10

Anything else, contact for Quote :)

***Shipping is also available ***

underglaze palette.JPG

Underglaze Palette

so many colors to choose from and we just keep getting more ;)

Underglaze! The reasons we use this for painting instead of regular glaze are; you can use it on greenware (wet or unfired clay) AND bisqueware!  It's pretty cool sh...stuff.  

Cost is $20 for a small 6 colour palette 

$5 per 45ml container of individual colour

***Shipping is also available ***

luminary lit up.jpg

Luminary Carving

A time sensitive project that has to be ordered a week in advance and then carved within 24 hours of pick up!

Explore the unique properties of New Zealand Halloysite!  Carve anything into this clay and watch it come to life when lit up with a candle!  

Cost is $25 for a votive sized piece 

Price varies depending on the size of piece you want to carve.

Pottery At Home.jpeg

At Home Pottery Kit

Choose your own adventure!

Customize your own at home pottery kit!

Pick what you like from this section of the site and we will put a box together for you. 


Clay for Sale... Make your own.. whatever!

Clay purchases are in $5 dollars/5 pounds  & $10 dollars/10 pounds options. For sanitary reasons the clay is pre packaged.  

Did you know you can make anything with clay?  Did you also know that there are many common household items that can be used as clay tools?  We are sharing online tutorials on social media for people to join us on this discovery of home tools.  Hope you enjoy the videos!

Cost of clay is $1 dollar per pound.

Firing options are: $5 per item for just one firing which would turn your project to stone but would not be suitable for food.  If you have many items to fire ask us about a shelf rate.

$20 per item for two firings with 2 or 3 glaze colours of your choice.  Your project would then be food, dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.

We have drop boxes outside the shop for pick ups and drop offs.

***Shipping is also available ***

Build Your Own Pottery Kits (prices shown are base prices and do not include options)

Pottery At Home Tools