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5-Day Pottery Camp For Kids!

5-Day Camp for Kids! Ages 12 and up

🌿From 9-3 each day. 🍃Only 4 slots available for this program! There is lots of technical things we will be learning and doing! 🌼Cost $300+gst

Participants will have 6 items fired plus their sample tiles. Here is the schedule: 🌞Mon: make sample tiles set outside to dry. Recycle and prepare clay for wheel throwing. Lunch. Wheel throwing. Load sample tiles into the kiln 🌞Tues: prepare, by measuring by weight and mixing, 2 base glazes. Divide into 12 small batches per student. Draw out a testing graph/ worksheet to record the recipes and colourant chemicals we plan to try. Lunch. Add colourants to base glazes. Trim bottoms of pieces from Monday 🌞Wed: Unload tiles from bisque fire. Glaze them with the glazes we made. Load them back into the kiln. Lunch. Major wicked hand building session! 🌞Thurs: Wheel throwing practice. Lunch. Altering wheel thrown forms, carving and finishing our previously made items. 🌞Fri: unload our glazed tiles!🥳 Analyze and photograph results! Lunch. Finish off remaining pieces (trim, carve, underglaze). Choose glaze colours.🌱🍃🌿 Lunches must be brought, I’m happy to provide water, tea and juice.

Call or email to book!


(403) 376-0891


Our OPEN hours are; 1 pm- 6 pm Tues, Wed, and Thurs

10 am - 2 pm Friday and Saturday

OR by appointment

Quite often someone is there earlier or later than that.

Private bookings and classes are also available at half capacity.  We are excited to see people again :)

Call Roxanne - 403-376-0891

Alyce - 403-376-3114

Monica - 403-409-3665

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