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5-Day Pottery Camp For Kids!

5-Day Camp for Kids! Ages 12 and up

🌿From 9-3 each day. 🍃Only 4 slots available for this program! There is lots of technical things we will be learning and doing! 🌼Cost $300+gst

Participants will have 6 items fired plus their sample tiles. Here is the schedule: 🌞Mon: make sample tiles set outside to dry. Recycle and prepare clay for wheel throwing. Lunch. Wheel throwing. Load sample tiles into the kiln 🌞Tues: prepare, by measuring by weight and mixing, 2 base glazes. Divide into 12 small batches per student. Draw out a testing graph/ worksheet to record the recipes and colourant chemicals we plan to try. Lunch. Add colourants to base glazes. Trim bottoms of pieces from Monday 🌞Wed: Unload tiles from bisque fire. Glaze them with the glazes we made. Load them back into the kiln. Lunch. Major wicked hand building session! 🌞Thurs: Wheel throwing practice. Lunch. Altering wheel thrown forms, carving and finishing our previously made items. 🌞Fri: unload our glazed tiles!🥳 Analyze and photograph results! Lunch. Finish off remaining pieces (trim, carve, underglaze). Choose glaze colours.🌱🍃🌿 Lunches must be brought, I’m happy to provide water, tea and juice.

Call or email to book!


(403) 376-0891

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