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The Inside Scoop on Family Fridays!

A quick word about family Fridays and how it works: The first Friday of the month, 2 time slots 😸1-3 & 4-6pm😸 are available for families for $31.50 per person 🔥 this includes an item fired 😲 Now🌱 on any other Friday 🌱I will honour this price for private bookings (minimum 6 people) for families or kid's Birthday parties!


Our OPEN hours are; 1 pm- 6 pm Tues, Wed, and Thurs

10 am - 2 pm Friday and Saturday

OR by appointment

Quite often someone is there earlier or later than that.

Private bookings and classes are also available at half capacity.  We are excited to see people again :)

Call Roxanne - 403-376-0891

Alyce - 403-376-3114

Monica - 403-409-3665

Thanks for submitting!

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