For sanitary reasons the clay is pre packaged.  


Did you know you can make anything with clay?  Did you also know that there are many common household items that can be used as clay tools?  We are sharing online tutorials on social media for people to join us on this discovery of home tools. ​Click on the link at the top of our Pottery At Home page to go to our Youtube Channel! Hope you enjoy the videos!


Cost of clay is $1 dollar per pound.  Available in 5lb or 10lb bags.

Clay glue included


We have drop boxes outside the shop for pick ups and drop offs.

***Shipping is also available ***

  • Clay Care

    Bag must be kept closed or the clay will dry out.  If your clay starts to dry out, put a wetted, squeezed out cloth or sponge in the bag overnight.

    You can make something from your clay and decide to squish it back together to make something else, but only for so long.  Once the clay in your hands starts to crack when you bend it or it gets too hard to work with, geta  resh piece and put the previous piece back in the bag with a damp cloth or sponge.  

    Clay that starts to get dry enough to change colour is difficult to rework.  It is best to just throw it into the garden.  Or put it into water and watch it break down, then make it into a mud pie and eventually bacck into workable clay.  This is very messy.

    If you make something you want to save for firing, dry it slowly by loosely covering it with plastic for a few days.

    Firing turns the clay to stone.  Without firing your projects can break easily from dropping, handling, or getting wet. 

    The options are:

    Fire it without glaze for $5 OR 

    Fire it with glaze for $15

    Glaze is necessary for items you want to use as foodware.  

    Pieces larger than 8 inches cost extra.

    Please carve your name into items you would like fired.