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** Note:  If my red pickup is there, so am I!  Feel free to stop by and pick up your stuff, or shop, or just shoot the breeze!  If you see a lot of vehicles or a school bus, enter at your own risk and prepare yourself for a messy situation.  There's a good chance that I'm teaching a course, and might not be able to help you right away.

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Luminary Sgrafftio Carving Workshop


           Carve into some luciously luminous clay!  This is the stuff of legend people; the whitest burning and strongest kaolin in the world today mined straight out of new Zealand. I make the votive holder on the wheel and you carve whatever you like into it.  Custom shapes and sizes are available.  Participant must pre register and pay by November 20th.  Message or call me for more details ;) 

  • Available Dates and Times

    November 23rd 1-3pm


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