Ready to Paint Bisqueware

Ready to Paint Bisqueware



Bisqueware is clay that has been fired to a lower temp - this turns into a softer, more porous version of fully fired stoneware, perfect for absorbing a coating of glaze without breaking as an unfired greenware pot usually does when dipped into glaze. 


The bisqueware you buy from me for painting includes a final firing with a clear coat of glaze so the item can then be used for food.


Please do paint your name on as part of your design!


** Luminaries must be ordered in advance and need to be carved within 24 hours of pick-up.


Other items are available upon request.  Email us at



We are sharing online tutorials on social media for people to join us on this discovery of home tools. ​Click on the link at the top of our Pottery At Home page to go to our Youtube Channel! Hope you enjoy the videos!


We have drop boxes outside the shop for pick ups and drop offs.

***Shipping is also available ***