Press on tattoos for clay!


Works on green clay and bisqueware!  Each bag includes 2 -4 transfers depending on size.  

  • Application Tips:

    Thank you for deciding to try out our new specialty underglaze transfers! I hope you find great success and enjoy using them on your pottery.  Here is some info to help you apply them to your greenware or bisqueware pots.  I recommend saving and/or printing out this section so you can refer to it as you are experimenting with your new transfers.  

    Materials Needed:  transfers, clay piece to apply design to, bowl of water, sponge, sharp scissors, firm paint brush

    Lay your transfer sheet on the clay or bisque surface and starting in the centre, use a damp sponge and slowly press the transfer down on to the clay.  Think about it like you're applying a window sticker that you don't want bubbles in.  Once the transfer is competely stuck you should notice the colour change to a darker shade.  At this point, you can gently press with the wrung-out sponge.  You can pull up a corner to see if it has transferred yet as you go and depending on how wet the clay is will determine how much rubbing you will need to do.  Sometimes rubbing with your finger or longer with the sponge is necessary.  The wetter the clay is starting out the less rubbing you will have to do.  The downside is taht wetter clay makes it trickier to apply the transfer without smearing it.

    Once your design is transferred you can peel the paper off.  As you pull, go slowly and if you see spots that didn't transfer, lay the paper back down and use a damp sponge or your finger to rub the area on to the pot.  After all the paper is removed, you can clean up the smudged areas and fill in the missing spots.