Underglaze Paints

Underglaze Paints


Underglaze is paint for clay!  


This stuff is actually really cool as you can put it onto wet, squishy clay, dry clay, or bisqueware.  It's really nice for Pottery At Home projects because you can get colours on the creations and go for the "firing without glaze" option because the underglaze does get brighter and shinier after firing on its own.  


These paints can be watered down somewhat to create a faded colour effect, which makes a perfect  backdrop for a simple silhouette painting.


Other items are available upon request.  Email us at burntearthpottery@gmail.com



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  • Application Tips:

    For optimum colour, use 2-3 thin coats, drying between coats.  

    * These paints do not mix like regular paints.  If you want to try combining them, do it one coat at a time on your piece.