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** Note:  If our Open sign is lit up someone is there!  Feel free to stop by and pick up your stuff, or shop, or just shoot the breeze!  If you see a lot of vehicles or a school bus, enter at your own risk and prepare yourself for a messy situation.  There's a good chance that I'm teaching a course, and might not be able to help you right away.

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Burnt Earth Pottery

Roxanne Neu

Hey there!  Thanks for stopping by! 


I’ve been potting since 2001 and started teaching in 2011. Needless to say, I have plenty of knowledge and experience (has it really been 18 years?!) that I’m happy to share.  Because seriously; pottery all by myself just isn’t that fun. 


One of my favourite parts of working with clay is showing people different techniques to bring their ideas to life.  It's exciting to watch something beautiful emerge from a lump.  And just because you don't think your work is beautiful and creative doesn't mean others won't.  You'd be very surprised at what your hands can do!  And art is about emotion.  Whether it's admiring the beauty, being confused by the outcome, or just using your creativity as a release.  There is no right or wrong.  It just is.

Clay is also wonderful therapy.  Sitting at the wheel, or just getting your hands dirty, molding, squeezing, shaping.  It has a calming effect and can be very meditative!  

I also really love the effects different glazes can have, and experimenting with colours and processes.  Working with design and the overlapping of different shades and how they play against (and with!) each other makes each piece original and exciting!  


So whether you're joining me in a class where we can learn from each other, or buying one of my pieces, I hope you, too, can see the layers of my universe that becomes a part of everything here at Burnt Earth Pottery.

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